What Size Suitcase Do I Need For A Two-Week Trip?

With all of my trips and travels I’ve noticed that I get asked the same question pretty often: What Size Suitcase Do I Need For A Two-Week Trip? Everyone has their own opinions, but are they correct? Do you take too much or too little? These are the questions that bugged me, so I decided to do the research and then share it with the world 🙂

Once you decide to go for a trip to a different place for a certain period of time, you often start sweating over what to carry along and what to leave behind. Now, you can be choosy in terms of selecting the kind of clothes you need to pack, but you also need to worry about the exact weight you will be carrying.

The size of your suitcase entirely depends on the number of days you are planning to spend in a particular city or country. The duration of the trip and the size of your suitcase are somewhat intertwined. If it is ascertained that you are going out for two weeks or so, then rest assured, you have come to the right place for guidance.

Here’s a hot to trot guide about how to opt for a suitable suitcase for a two-week trip. Be cordial enough to cast an eye over the entire write-up!

What Size Suitcase Do I Need For A Two-Week Trip?

What Size Suitcase Do I Need For A Two-Week Trip

The weight of the suitcase is the prime factor!

First and foremost, the weight of the suitcase needs to be evaluated. Weight of the suitcase helps understand how much space it would have. Selecting a suitcase, you do not need to go overboard and opt for a fancy one. You ought to stop at the one that meets all your needs. Need is primary, the rest is secondary!

According to our research, a suitcase should weigh 15-20 kg if you are planning a two-week trip. It also varies from method to method. Cut to the chase, if you have decided to rely on the rolling method to pack your luggage then the suitcase should not weigh more than 15 kg. On the other hand, if you are leaning toward the folding method, then your suitcase may weigh 20 kg at the least.

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From our side, you are recommended to carry the least weight. Carrying less weight always helps you remain hassle-free. You would most certainly require a checked luggage for a 14-day trip. The more the weight, the bigger the difficulty to handle.

Checked luggage, rather a medium checked luggage is very normal and a middle-of-the-road choice for a suitcase. Cabin luggage or extra large luggage would be a misfit for a person planning a two-week trip. If we try and contemplate on the intricacies, we would discover that a medium size bag or suitcase with a minimal weight of 15 kg beats the rest.

Besides the weight, the linear measurement also matters!

For a two-week trip, a 22-25 inch long suitcase would be the best option to look for. Since you would be in a different place for fourteen long days, a lot of clothes along with other essentials need to be packed. Hence, it would be nearly inevitable to carry a medium checked luggage; and needless to try and find a medium checked baggage that is less than 22’’

What Size Suitcase Do I Need For A Two-Week Trip

You can pick an excessive checked luggage if you believe you are a shopaholic and you could not stop yourself from buying anything that grabs your attention in the first place. It is conditional though. Not every other person planning a two-week trip needs to go beyond a medium checked luggage.

Nonetheless, be watchful of the total mass you are carrying along, because airlines usually have restrictions with respect to that. According to the rules, you are obliged to carry a limited weight while boarding a plane, and you are not supposed to transcend that limit. Therefore, think twice before buying an extraordinarily large suitcase for a two-week trip.

The choice of exterior might impact the size!

When it comes to the exterior of the case, two options lie before you: soft case or hard case. There are many pros and cons of both the suitcases, and you need to deliberate upon at least a few of them in painstaking detail before finalizing your suitcase for a two-week trip. So, here we go!

The soft case has a teeny-weeny advantage; if you want to forcibly adjust more clothes in it, you obviously can, plainly because it has a tendency to bulge out. On the contrary, a hard case comes short of the very same tendency. It has sufficient space and therefore it does not allow extra clothes at any cost.

A suitcase possessing a hard exterior has many other attributes that gives it an edge over a soft suitcase. Though, when it comes to vast space and expansion, a soft case proves to be slightly beneficial. We need not to ignore the fact that we are solely trying to determine the size of our suitcase this time, and thence, numerous merits of a hard case do not fit the context.

But before you make up your mind, you should know that a hard-case medium luggage would not perfect to carry fragile things like laptop and stuff. If you opt for a soft case, you will have to carry your electronic stuff in hand, or in a different bag.

 Note: A Two-wheel suitcase can help you save money of large-size suitcase.  

A four wheel suitcase is always easy for handgrip, though its counterpart, a two-wheel soft-shell suitcase always has space to allow more clothes inside. In no way, it can replace a four-wheel large suitcase, but it can be considered an advanced version of a four-wheel medium suitcase. It just overreaches the limit of an ordinary four-wheel medium suitcase, so to say.

Travelers, these days, incline towards lightweight suitcases that accommodate them with enough vacuum to place their clothes and toiletries. Lightweight suitcases come in different sizes and are hugely popular among both occasional and frequent travelers. A lot of humble people have little to no idea about how to decide on a suitcase, therefore, we offer our help and extend our knowledge to people who seek education on suitcases and their right sizes.