How Big A 20-Liter Backpack Is? A Complete Guide

How Big A 20-Liter Backpack IsAre you facing any difficulty in carrying your luggage and other necessary items with you? If yes, then you will be looking for a solution. This is because a backpack will satisfy all your requirements. The answers to the questions that are on your mind will be: what type of backpack should you choose or how big a 20-liter backpack is?

You will be getting satisfactory answers to your questions in this article. Do you find it difficult to carry your luggage and any necessary items with you? If so, then you’ll be looking for a solution in this article, but the thing is you need to be patient while reading. So, take a cup of tea and come with me, because I am going to take you to your required information.

Backpacks are very good products and are used for professional as well as personal use. They usually come in different sizes, designs and colors. You can pick one according to your own choice and taste. However, you will have to consider a few factors in it while buying.

You would look for a bag that fulfills all your requirements for your journey or a visit or a trip. Let’s just not beat by the bush and move to our required thing which is how big is a 20-liter backpack. So, just dive in and get more information about it.

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How Big A 20-Liter Backpack Is? Capacity Of Backpacks

Generally, backpacks come in different sizes ranging from 5–10-liter kids and sports bags to 50 liters traveling and hiking bags. But the most sought out size is 20-liters. But the question is how big is a 20-liter backpack? You can determine its capacity with the help of the items that fit in it.

What You Can Carry In A 20-Liter Backpack?

One of the best ways to know the size of a backpack is to see how many things it can carry at a time and also the nature and type of the things. A list of the things is given which you can carry with you in a 20-liter backpack

  • A normal size laptop up to 15inch
  • A water bottle 
  • 2-3 sweaters or hoodies
  • 2 T-shirts
  • Headphones
  • A notepad
  • Binders
  • A book
All of the above-mentioned items can fit in a 20-liter backpack. By this explanation, you will be having a clear idea now that how big a 20-liter backpack is?

How Backpack Size Is Measured?

As it is mentioned earlier that backpacks come in different sizes. However, there is a slight doubt about the measurements. Usually, there are multiple pockets in a backpack, so manufacturers measure the size and volume of each pocket separately. Different manufacturers measure in different ways.

For example; some manufacturers measure the backpack size in liters and others measure the size in centimeters. The most common way is that companies measure the volume of different compartments of the bag and then add them all to find the complete volume of the bag.

In common terminologies volume is measured in cubic inches but to make things easier the manufacturers convert cubic inches into liters which is the standard unit of measurement. In this way, you can easily tell what a backpack can hold by just seeing the volume of the bag. On the other hand, the dimensions of the backpack will tell you about the size of the things it can hold.

Backpack Size Guide

Some of the common sizes available in the market are as under.

  • Small size: Small-size bags come in a 0-20L range. They are usually good for small trips and students to schools and colleges.
  • Medium size: The range of medium size is 21-40L. These bags can also be used for a few days’ trips and some other purposes.
  • Large size: 41-60L bags lie in the category of large bags and their usage varies from a typical foreign trip to a long trip or a heavy load.
  • Extra-large size: bags with more than 60L capacity lie in this category and you can use them according to your own choice and need.

Important Factors For Choosing A Backpack

Besides size, choice and taste there are some other factors as well which are needed to be kept in mind while selecting a backpack. Few factors are as under

Your body shape and size

Body shape and size is a very important factor to be considered for selecting a backpack. If the bag is larger as compared to your body, then it will prove uncomfortable for you. For example, if you are a student then a small bag size will be better and it will be good for small tours just like one-day trips as well. A 20L backpack will be ideal for small size bodies. For this purpose, you can also ask the shopkeepers or manufacturer to design the bag according to your body or you can choose one from the given sizes of small, medium, large and extra-large as well.

Weight carrying capacity

Weight carrying capacity is another important factor that should be noticed. If you want to carry heavy-weight items then you should choose the bag with a large weight carrying capacity and if you will use it for casual tasks then a simple one will fulfill your requirements. Typically, big bags carry heavy weight and vice versa.

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Trip length and number of items

These are the most important factors for you to consider before buying a bag because trip length and number of items are directly related to each other. For example, if you intend to go on a long trip then you will carry more items with you and vice versa. So, it depends on your choice whether you consider a small bag or a large one according to your need.

Some of the other factors like weather conditions, your style of packing also matter in this case. For harsh weather, you will need bags with good stuff and durability. For rainy weather, you will look for an item that helps you protect your luggage from water. The same is the case for the packing style. If you are good at packing then you will need a small space, so you will choose a small backpack and vice versa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 20L backpack big enough for school?

Yes, the 20L backpack has a capacity that is enough for the school. And you will have enough space to accommodate all the items related to school.

Is volume and dimensions the same?

They are closely related but different from each other. Dimensions mean the size of the objects that can fit the bag and volume refers to the capacity of the bag.


If you are a voyager or a traveler then you will be looking for one big backpack that can carry your entire luggage for the journey. But it is not the right way to just go and pick one from the market because you will opt to go for a bag that fulfills all your specific needs. So, you should invest in the one that accommodates in all situations no matter how much weight or how long the journey is. You will get benefits for a good decision taken for this.

And if you are buying a backpack for the first time then this article is proving helpful for you. I hope you have got enough information now to get a good one for yourself. You will have got the answer to the question of how big a 20-liter backpack is.

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