Plevo Suitcase – Is It Really a Best Smart Suitcase So Far?

Time flies, they say, and rightly so. Everything gets promoted to a better version of itself. Our lifestyle has progressed by leaps and bounds within decades. Things have drastically changed — from good to better and from better to best. Evolution is predestined and sure to happen.

Technology is a blessing that we can’t thank the right people enough for. We cannot repudiate the fact that we live in a smart world these days, be it smart phones, smart watches, and even smart luggage — everything has turned smart. True to a tee, technology bestows us with many additional benefits and saves us a lot of time.

Plevo smart suitcases have been making a buzz in the town, and have broken all the records of popularity in the recent past due to the unique touch they give to ordinary-looking suitcases. People’s interest in this brand is hiking day after day, but not to jump the gun, we also need to deliberate upon its furs and against before deciding on anything.

Here, we have tried our best to give you a meticulous and an all-inclusive insight about the brand and its various products. Hold your horses before buying anything, and have a thorough read!

Plevo Suitcase – Is It Really a Best Smart Suitcase So Far?

Motto and Platitude of the brand!

Plevo is by far the newest smart luggage brand and they make many exceptional claims. They basically pledge to revolutionize the traditional luggage industry with their awe-inspiring innovations and what not. They aren’t one of the pioneers, they are in fact an infant luggage brand in front of the pioneers, but still and all, they promise to deliver what no one else could.

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They strongly believe in defying the norms. Hurting the old trends is their topmost agenda. They claim to have radically changed the outdated luggage industry by digging the new ideas up. They also claim to have outclassed all their contemporaries in the respective industry. They have inculcated their products with latest techno-features, and hence they avouch to be the world’s most innovative smart luggage.

PLEVO – The World’s Most Innovative Smart Luggage

Features that a Plevo luggage embodies!

  • USB-Compatible luggage:

Plevo luggage has a removable USB battery pack. Not only plevo makes it possible for the buyers to carry a USB along with them while travelling, it also takes care of the potential needs that may occur in the midst of the journey, for example: shortage of battery may pop up any time.

  • Advanced Smart Lock 

Plevo offers multiple options as a smart lock. Plevo customers do not have to stick to one and only option provided to them by the manufacturers. These options include Face ID, Touch ID, and last but not the least, Morse Code. It ascertains, Plevo luggage has many sensors instilled in it that respond to their respective signals.

  • Digital scale

Plevo luggage also makes a digital scale available for all its consumers. Now, weighing something won’t be a far-from-reality sort of thing travelling to a different place with limited resources to bank on. Plevo offers a digital weighing scale which is built inside the luggage as its part and parcel.

  • Distance alerts

In case, you leave your luggage behind and move ahead, the distance alerts will coerce you into getting it back. If collecting the luggage slips your mind, you will receive reminders on your phone. This feature is rarely found in any other branded luggage.

  • Removable 360-degree wheels.

In most cases, people are compelled to buy a new luggage solely because of its wheels. Plevo are accommodating you with a solution to do away with this problem instantly. Just remove the wheels after completing a journey and insert them again before commencing a journey. This feature is good enough to ensure a life-time guarantee on any luggage ever.

  • Battery with 8.000 mAh

You are not likely to fall short of battery if you are taking along a Plevo luggage on your way to an amazing destination. Battery may never ditch you in the middle of nowhere if Plevo is the choice you made.

  • Garment hanger

You don’t ought to fold or roll your clothes anymore. Plevo luggage accommodates you with a garment hanger which would help you keep your clothes properly ironed and perfectly hanged.

  • GPS location tracking

In case your smart luggage goes missing, you can always take advantage of the GPS location tracking feature which will help you locate your missing luggage in the wink of an eye. You can always have a knowhow of your luggage no matter where it is.

  • Expandable hard-side luggage

It embodies an expandable textile, and therefore you can always expect your Plevo luggage to carry extra stuff. It does not look bulgy even after being expanded.

  • Removable sleeve 

Carrying more than one suitcase is always a pain in the butt, but what if you are going to have a long stay in some other city? You would need tons of clothes to pack. With this feature in your bucket, you have the choice to attach your carry-on bag with your main luggage. You will not have to drag two different bags/cases at the same time.  

  • Meets airline carry-on specifications.

Airlines usually don’t allow big-size luggage for some reason. A Plevo suitcase’s exact size in inches is 22×13.9×9. Thence, It does not violate the airline rules for local and international travel, simultaneously.

No denying, Plevo is one of the topnotch brands in the luggage industry with an increasing tendency to reach customers worldwide. Plevo has what it takes to be a smart luggage brand as it complies with all the prerequisites.

Seeing its popularity, no one in the world can assume, they are just over a year old. Their demand amongst the travelers is tweaking and thence, we were hit with the idea of educating you about this exciting brand in painstaking detail. Since we have run you through the entire article, we believe, the ball is in your court. It’s you to decide whether or not to opt for a Plevo Smart Luggage.

Good luck!

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