Top 5 Best Luggage Brands In The World

What are the best luggage brands? This article is a really good resource on the various brands and how to identify the right luggage brand. I already new about Rimowa but I have never heard of Stonekeep. The Stonekeep, Tag, and Tumi luggage companies that you mentioned are world-renowned for their high-quality work in suitcases.

Travelling is a whole new universe that keeps getting bigger with the passage of time. It is not just about dwelling in different places, or being a nomad. It is so much more than just switching places. Travelling is a phenomenon that has many aspects concealed in it. 

Global manufacturing companies, taking their taste into consideration, have come up with various brands and products to make travelling even more exciting and exhilarating. There is a good competition in the international market between companies pledging to manufacture travelling bags and suitcases and other travel accessories.

Here, we are trying to apprise travel freaks of top 5 luggage brands in the world. So, let’s just lift the curtain!

Top 5 Best Luggage Brands In The World

Luggage Brands in the World

1. American Tourister!

American Tourister


This company was established back in 1934 and is currently active in the market. So many years gone, but their reputation remained stainless. This itself is a proof that they left no stone unturned in terms of meeting the requirements of their customers aka holidaymakers. They were, at first, the sister company of Samsonite for a few years. Later on, they parted ways.

American Tourister is famous for their uniquely manufactured and differently styled suitcases and bags. Their products are decent in terms of solidness, but are totally unmatchable in terms of designs and styles and dimensions. Any and every holidaymaker can find the right thing under the banner of American Tourister because there is a vast variety.

They have different categories and collections; their belle voyage category has some really beautiful designs. Their floral suitcases make it hard to take an eye off them.                                

American Tourister Belle Voyage Spinner

Their moonlight collection has some soothing and sober colors. All give a beautiful ambience. Travelers with a calm and introverted nature buy these as they add lots to their aura.

Their disney category is one of the most thrilling one, because it has tens of hundreds of cool bags and suitcases for kids and teenagers. They also have small cabin bags with mickey mouse tattooed on them, they have large size suitcases with disney characters drawn on them.       

Mickey Mouse American Tourister Luggage – Disney Category

2. London Fog!

London Fog

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London fog is an even older company as it was brought into being in the year 1923. It is a US-based company and it has been popular across the globe ever since it was established. This company is famous for making suitcases, handbags, trench/rain/wool coats, umbrellas and a lot of other products.

They have an amazing range of every product they put out on sale. They are a living example of diversity and multiplicity. It’s a company extremely rich in terms of variety. They have extravagantly phenomenal products to offer.

London Fog Suitcase

Their duffel bags are inexplicably beautiful and solid. Although they are not wheeled bags but they are made of solid material and tend to be durable. These duffels and totes can be easily carried while travelling. They need not to be replaced with a wheeled cabin suitcase.

Their checked luggage collection has all sorts of thick-shell and soft-shell suitcases. Amazingly, this brand also proffers four wheel soft-shell suitcases. Their soft-shell suitcases under this category are present in various colors and designs which look more than amazing. They are totally eye-grabbing.                                                

3. Delsey!


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Delsey is a Paris-based company and it came into being in 1945. It is another distinguished name in the travel world. They do everything to satiate the needs of travel freaks, and therefore they are a household name. They manufacture school bags, backpacks, briefcases as well as suitcases.

Usually, companies fail to provide beautiful-looking hard-shell bags but Delsey would take you by surprise, because they manufacture sexy and appealing thick-shell suitcases, too.

Black is clearly dominating their backpack collection. They have probably the widest range of strong and solid backpacks in ravishing black color.

Their cabin trolleys are by far the most stylish of all. They are outright vogueish.

Their ultra-organized luggage collection is something unique to this brand only. You might not get to see it elsewhere. They have pairs having each suitcase, each duffel and each handbag of the same design.                                                

4. Samsonite!


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Samsonite is a renowned luggage brand established in 1910 in Colorado, North America. Despite the fact that this brand took birth in the USA, it has its headquarters in Hong Kong.

Their range is priceless, from toiletries to briefcases (with or without wheels) to handbags to duffels to carry-on bags to spinner luggage to underseat luggage to wallets and kits and … what not. Suffice to say, their list of travel accessories is consummate.

Their weekenders collection is one of the most mesmerizing one, as per how we deduce it. This collection has solidified suitcases in startling designs. Sportsmen and athletes are gonna fall head over heels for this collection for sure.

The business bags collection is a true marvel in itself. Samsonite has got the best business bags you would ever see, and we rubber-stamp it.                                                

5. Briggs and Riley!

Briggs and Riley

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Briggs and Riley was founded in 1933, and it is currently based in the city it was established in — New York. Briggs and Riley is another company of the same genre that offers a multitude of travel accessories.

They are offering hand wraps, toiletries, hand bags, cross body bags, cabin bags, business cases, rolling duffle bags, rolling garment bags, large size spinners and what not.

Their rolling garment bags are truly capable of galvanizing us into buying at least one even when we are unwilling to. They are solid and sturdy but also fashionable. You are recommended to take a glimpse of these suitcases and you’ll certainly agree with us.

Their business cases are enthralling, and give out good vibes. You’d feel yourself a true professional carrying one such case in hand. Believe it for your own good! 

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