Duffle Bag For Carry-On, A Complete Guide

For various trips and travelers, duffle bags are an ideal choice. They are a workhorse of the carry world. People also prefer it because they are downright practical. You can fit an absurd amount in a duffle bag, sling it over the shoulder, and be-set for the trip.

What Does A Duffle Bag Mean?

Duffle bags are named after the town in Flanders, Belgium, where the bags are made with an original duffel cloth. These bags were first introduced to the world in the 17th century, and till now, they are serving with convenience.

Duffle bags (also called duffel bags) is a large cylindrical bag made up of synthetic or natural fabric having a top closure using a drawstring. People love it because of its open structure and lack of rigidity, and that also makes it preferable for carrying sports gear and other similar items.

What Is The Duffle Bag Used For

Whether you are choosing nylon, canvas, or leather duffle bags, you will find them as the perfect solution to any situation. Duffle bags are quite versatile, lightweight, and easy to carry, which makes it a must-have baggage item for travel.

Duffle bags are most popular among athletes. Generally, people use duffle bags for travel and sports. As they are spacious and clean, these bags can also be ideal for carrying gym gears like gym clothes, an extra pair of shoes, and some other personal belongings. Duffel bags can also get fit into a gym locker with ease, which gives you the flexibility to carry all your things all along the way to the gym.

There are also specially designed duffle bags that can be the best fit for your business travel needs. With different pocket protective sleeves and compartments for laptop, file, and other business items, you will be able to store all your necessary business items in one place.

Duffle bags can also serve to carry hunting gear. Specially made of camouflage fabric, hunting duffel bags come equipped with extra lining or padding to keep equipment safe from damage. They also have an arm strap for carrying and extra zipper pockets for ammunition.

Why You Should Use A Carry-On Duffle Bag

Duffle bags are worth using as your carry-on bag.

After landing in a foreign country, you won’t be much pleased with dragging a roller bag through crowded streets and along the uneven pavement. In contrast, a Duffle bag is more practical and will come handy not only when you will land but also for your entire trip. Having it alongside will keep you safe from all hassle and inconvenience you may not want to face. You can sling it over your shoulder and be on your way.

A duffel bag is also quite useful for taking on a quick overnighter, navigating a bus or train station, and stowing away under a hostel bed or keeping it safe in a locker. In short, you can use a duffle bag for any situation and anywhere where other luggage can be restricted.

Plus, it is quite versatile with a spacious interior and flexible exterior. Gone are the days when you were reluctant to take more stuff along with you on a trip. Its spacious interior gives you the flexibility to stuff them full. You are also not limited by rigid bag parameters. You can fit it as much or as little, as per your liking or requirement.

Important Things To Look For In A Carry-On Duffle Bag

There are a few key considerations you should keep in mind to help aid you in selecting a perfect travel duffle for you. Mind you, no single duffle bag that will work every time. Before choosing a duffle, it’s necessary to ask yourself why you want a duffle and what your plan to do with it.

Before deciding on a right Carry-on duffel bag, there are various components you may want to check out.

Material and Durability

While choosing a duffle bag, Material and Durability holds the key. Duffle tends to get thrown around a lot, not only by the airline, but you also won’t be using it so gently. In such a scenario, you will not probably love to see it falling apart on you, either while in transit or at your final destination. So make sure you purchase something worthy, durable, and last long.

Choosing such a bag won’t burst when stuffed full, and also it will stand when thrown around. While buying a bag, pay attention to its fabric, zipper, and hardware.

Size and weight

As a duffle bag is for carry-on use, you need to pay close attention to the size. You can get a duffle bag that spans a range of sizes from 6 liters to 150 Liter. The size of the bags you can carry on an aircraft varies, depending on the airline you have booked. International airlines often have smaller allowances and strict regulations. For the traveling purpose, we would suggest using a

Duffle bag of 30 liters to 45 liters as most airlines would not let your luggage come in if it exceeded the 45-liter limit. Typically in terms of size, you can’t exceed 9 inches by 14 inches by 22 inches.


You will be pretty disappointed having the entire content of your duffle bags soaked if you get stuck in the rain. It can be a huge downfall. Therefore, it’s best to always pick-up a bag that has some weatherproofing. As no backpack is 100 % waterproof, its best to have something to protect your bags if you are there in wet weather.

Weatherproofing in a duffle bag can come in different forms, including a special coating applied to it or specific material that makes up the bag. Whichever you choose, choose something that provides resistance. If the textile got leakage, a soggy-duffle backpack is not going to help you much in your travel. Also, it will cause a lot of discomfort and inconvenience.

Interior Organization

Some duffle bags may come with zero organization, while others have a ton of compartments and pockets. If you are planning to use it as more of a gear hauler, having more pockets holds true for duffle bags, it can help you to stay organized and quickly find what you are looking for.

You can also have a duffle to be the only bag you need. Choosing the right backpack depends on how much organization you want. But if you love duffle bags having not many compartments or with zero organization, you can still organize the interior with packing cubes.

How To Measure Luggage For Airlines

Whether you are toting a single carry-on duffle bag or three checked bags to your next flight, rest assured the airport is keeping a close eye and has become more strict than before over the size of bag or luggage. To avoid any inconvenience or unexpected fees for oversize luggage, you must spend a few minutes measuring your luggage-pack at home.

First, take a moment to check out your airline sizing requirements from their website. Though each airline sets its own sizing regulation, checked baggage allowances are fairly standardized across the board at 62 linear inches.

Carry-on allowances tend to vary more widely. You can’t exceed 9 inches X 14 inches X 22 inches as it’s the standard size limit.

Manufacturers don’t often measure their products the same way that airlines do. They don’t even include handles and wheels in their measurements. So, while measuring the duffle bag for carry-on, don’t be shy to take out a measuring tape, or at least check the labels to see what the measurements do and do not include. Whether you are buying the duffle bag at the store or you are at home, check its dimension, grab the measuring tape, and move around it.

Start from measuring the height from the top of the duffle bag down to the ground. Measure width from one side of the bag to the other. Also, ensure to measure at the widest point. To check the depth of the bag from front to back, again measure at the widest point.

Bag size is US airline is very generous as compared to airlines from other countries. Therefore, you always have to make sure the carry-on duffle bag is of the correct size.

How Do You Organize A Duffle Bag?

  • Use packing cubes
  • Roll clothes
  • Put shoes in a separate compartment

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