What Luggage Do Pilots Use? Pilot Luggage Guide

If you are going to finish your pilot training next month, Or looking for a bag to buy for your brother, sibling, Or if there is any other situation of your being here, you might be curious to know what luggage do pilots use?

Right, isn’t it? Therefore, we welcome you by offering you peace of mind. Because if you are here, you will get what you are striving for.

Pilots are very professional people and their work is also very professional in the same way. They do not prefer ordinary things that do not suit their personalities. This means, consider yourself as a pilot, what will you prefer to choose when you will be at such a high-ranking post?

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Of course, something extraordinary and unique. So, you can say that you will need quality on a handsome budget that must also be stylish and satisfactory to your mind.

However, there are several things you need to know. Because this is going to be your first-time experience buying a luggage bag as a pilot for yourself. We have interviewed and asked many pilots personally what type of luggage they use and also have examined their baggage.

Considering your worries, never mind, just sit tight, arrange your luggage and let us tell you about what luggage pilots mostly use? And how or from where you can have it easily. Moreover, you will also get to know what things you should keep in your mind before you go buying a luggage bag for your next trip.

What Luggage Do Pilots Use?

pilot luggage

Basically, the answer is very simple and easy to know. Just go to the airport, meet a pilot and after some chit chat, ask him what luggage bag he mostly uses? He will let you know everything. But are you sure that you are gonna do this?

Ah, I know you are not. That is why I am here to tell you all about it.

The truth is, their bags are actually much different than yours. You might have noticed this and that’s why your curiosity is asking you to have the same one very soon. And that is very obvious to happen as their bags are made with heavy-duty material that could last for a longer period.

They have to bear the daily wear and tear of traveling and they usually do not come with attractive features like USB, colorful printing, and other versatility you might have during your other traveling missions. They are always ready to go for the next flight.

Therefore, though, you’d find less attractiveness but you will definitely find quality for the price you’d pay for a particular bag or backpack.

When it comes to pilots and flight attendants, the term used for their bags is “Pilot’s bag”. In most frequent cases, they use two types of bags as given below.

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Carry-on bags–One bag or backpack is of the type that could be a small briefcase, a backpack, and luggage carrying bag with wheels, etc. This can easily make its place in the cockpit next to the pilot’s seat. Pilots use this bag for keeping their tablets, iPad, laptops, and other electronic gadgets.

Checked luggage bag–The other one is larger and more with capacity. Pilots, air hostesses, or crew attendants use this bag for having their clothes, shoes, jackets, and other stuff. They are mostly recommended and used when pilots or crews have to go on long flights and they might have to stay in a hotel.

Pilots of flight attendants’ bags come in various sizes and dimensions. They are designed to be accommodated with electronic gadgets of pilots as well as their clothing or hotellike stuff. So, you will find both types of backpacks in the life of a pilot.

How do you get a luggage bag that pilots use?


There was a time when it was not easy for you to buy a bag similar to the one that pilots use. Because they used to purchase their luggage from a special type of retailers and manufacturers. They still do this even these days because this stuff is not available to general people.

For this, they needed an employee ID or airline reference code for making a purchase.

But not everyone can get access to this code or referral number. That is why it was very difficult for a simple person to have a backpack similar to the one that pilots or flight attendants use.

However, these days many famous bag manufacturing companies are giving access to the general public to buy the same backpacks or bags that pilots use.

They are offering high durability and quality material inside backpacks you purchase or have from any of these companies. In this regard, we have mentioned some famous bag or backpack manufacturing companies below.

If you find any intentions to buy a bag similar to the one that pilots or flight attendants use, you can find some high-quality backpacks from these companies. The companies are:

Will a luggage bag that pilots use worth it?

Yes, of course. You can have a bag or backpack similar to the one you have seen in the hands of a pilot or flight attendant. This will be worth the money and effort you will make while getting it. This means it will be worth everything you have done for having this type of luggage bag.

But you’d have to choose wisely and consider some top recommended factors as we are going to tell you below. If you will buy a bag or backpack having more or fewer numbers of these features inside it, you can make the flight attendant or your Copilot feel jealous.

So, let’s have a look at these top recommended things you should keep in your mind before buying or purchasing a backpack or bag for yourself.

Travelpro Crew Versapack Rolling Underseat

Travelpro Crew Versapack Rolling Underseat

Leather Pilot Case Business

Leather Pilot Case Business

DELSEY Paris Rolling Under Seat Tote Bag

DELSEY Paris Rolling Under Seat Tote Bag


Durability and material quality—First of all, make sure that your selected luggage bag is made of some high-quality material. Read some relative reviews of the customers and find the efficiency of its durability. Now, if you are pretty much sure about these things, you can easily make a good choice.

Perfect size with adjusted dimensions—Decide your purpose of having a backpack. I mean what kind of stuff are you going to pack inside it? If this is going to be your backpack that pilots usually carry in the cockpit of the plane, then you should consider buying a compatible and smart backpack only for keeping your electronic essentials.

However, if you want to have a backpack for putting your luggage inside it, this must be a little bigger in size and should be spacy enough to hold your gear easily. Therefore, do not forget these categories and still decide on the backpack with easy carrying and fitted dimensions.

Wheels—Must make sure that your luggage carrying bag, or backpack (if necessary) has wheels so that you can pull it easily at the airport. This will be your most versatile choice because you will have no hassles in bringing it from one place to another and carrying it on your never-ending flights.

Brand consciousness—There is a uniqueness in everything you do or find out there. That is why you should be perfect with your choice. You should always choose or buy a heavy-duty bag or backpack from any of the above recommended famous brands.

We can say that if you will have a bag or backpack from any brand like Travelpro, you will have your lifetime solution. So, I must consider this thing too.

Plus, never forget to read the people’s sayings about the luggage bag you are going to have. This will give you complete detail of everything you want to know about that specific bag or backpack.

Frequently Asked Questions

What luggage bags do flight attendants usually use?

Flight attendants or flight crews are the people that inspire you to have a backpack or bag similar to theirs. They use similar quality and durable backpacks as the pilots use. These backpacks come in different sizes and dimensions so you can choose your most needed one with your required space.

What carry-on luggage do pilots use?

Carry on luggage is used for having your most essentials like your laptop, tablet, mobile, and other electronic things. Therefore, pilots use to carry on luggage of different most famous brands that offer high quality with long time durability. Plus, some of them also offer waterproofing, free repairing for a certain period, and many other utilities you can easily have.

What brand of luggage do pilots use?

Travelpro is the most famous and highly appreciated brand that offers bags or backpacks for every flight crew out there. Many pilots you will see at the airport will have a bag or backpack made by Travelpro. However, it doesn’t mean that there are no other brands best like this one. Of course, you will find more brands like Delsey or Samsonite offering promised quality with a guarantee.

Final Thoughts

I hope that after reading the information provided here about what luggage do pilots use?, you have known all about it. We have tried to cover up everything related to this topic and we hope that you really enjoyed reading this article. Therefore, let us know about your feedback or if you have more queries to ask through the comment box.

Hence, see you soon on another crispy topic. Till then, take great care of yourself. May the blessings find your way and have a nice day ahead.

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