Must Have Travel Accessories For Long Flights In 2023

Travelling is a passion many people are pursuing in this day and age. Travelling far and wide needs a few precautions to be taken in advance.

Travelers feel its compulsory for them to must have travel accessories for long flights which would make their trip consummate. Few things cannot be missed in a hurry, few things just cannot be abandoned in excitement to fly to a different city or country.

It is essential to double-check few accessories that might be required on your way to a distant destination. You cannot succumb to your excitement at any cost, you need to be careful about what you are adding to your suitcase and what you are leaving behind. If you are missing out on any of the essentials then it might cost you something big. Watch out!

A small preparation before leaving for the airport is one of the requisites. No matter whether you are a frequent traveler or a random holidayer, you better follow the list of must-haves. Do your packing with sheer diligence and do not run out on anything important. Just be very vigilant while packing your luggage, tick all the boxes in your must-have list, and off you go!

Must Have Travel Accessories For Long Flights In 2021

Must Have Travel Accessories For Long Flights
Luggage Identifier Tags

You should make yourself remember that you wouldn’t be travelling all alone in a big fat plane. You would be accompanying tens of hundreds of people who are going to board the same plane as yours. Your luggage might get mixed with others, and to avoid such an awkward situation, you must have luggage identifier tags.

The person sitting next to you might conflate his bag with yours, because of the similar size of your bags or maybe because of his own carelessness. You cannot afford to lose your personal stuff because of this little misunderstanding, isn’t it? This misunderstanding is least likely to take place if there would be an identifier tag on your bag.

Luggage companies have tens of thousands of customers. You should never be too sure that nobody else would buy the same luggage in the same color and size. What if you come out of the plane and stumble upon the fact that your luggage has already been collected by some anon? Wouldn’t you start sweating over it? Of course you would. Huge chance for another misunderstanding to take place here as well.

Nevertheless, inevitable to buy a luggage identifier tag!

Here are our few picks for luggage identifier tags:

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14 Pack TravelMore Luggage
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Kate Spade New York Silicone Luggage
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Passport Wallet

Passport is perhaps the most important thing to take care of. You cannot be careless with it. Therefore, it needs to be packed separately. A passport isn’t something which you can afford to lose even for a little while, because it can get you into trouble. So, passport needs to be given a special protocol.

Also, you need to show your passport several times to numerous people on the airport, so you can’t pack it with the rest of your luggage, you need to find a separate and safe pouch or wallet for the passport to be kept in. In case, you hold it in your hand, it’s possible that you forget it somewhere which can spoil your entire journey.

Here are our top picks:

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Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Passport Holder Check on Amazon
Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Trifold Wallet Check on Amazon
Bellroy Travel Wallet Slim Leather
Passport Wallet
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Fossil Leather Passport Case Check on Amazon
Kate Spade New York L-Zip Saffiano
Leather Card Case
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PVC Luggage Cover

You must need a PVC luggage cover with you to protect your luggage from all possible harms. It may get wet, it may get dirty, it may catch smells — so, in order to secure it from all such menaces, you must carry along a PVC luggage cover. It will save you from standing under a tree or a shelter to wait for the rain to stop. You can drive to the hotel without worrying about your luggage getting wet.

Most specifically, if you are having a softside luggage and not carrying a PVC luggage cover with you, you are doing yourself a great disfavor. Because, softside luggage is more exposed to rain, puddles and plashes. When you are travelling to a city that is infamous for its unpredictable weather, it is safe to have a PVC luggage cover beside.

These covers come in different sizes; whether you have a carry-on or a duffel, a medium-checked or a large-checked, it will never be difficult for you to find an apt PVC luggage cover. You don’t ought to take the cover off the luggage just to open it once, the front zipper gives you the option to reach your luggage without wrestling with the cover all over again.

Suitcase Belts

For additional security, you should be carrying suitcase straps aka belts. Whether you want to keep one suitcase perfectly tied up or you have to tie two suitcases firmly together, you would certainly require a suitcase belt for that.

These suitcase belts come in various colors; even if your suitcase gets mixed with someone else’s, your suitcase strap would be the odd one out. It would make it convenient for you to identify your suitcase, hence a suitcase belt is highly recommended.

In case, the zipper functions contrary to the expectations, this suitcase belt will hold your luggage firmly. Some tsa-locked belts are also available in the market. Nobody would be able to steal your luggage tied up with a tsa-enabled strap. Anyways, the most exciting benefit is, you can tie more than one suitcases with this belt and your luggage might just stick together. 

Here are our top picks for suitcase belts:

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Darller 04 PCS Luggage Straps Suitcase Belts Check on Amazon
Luggage Straps Suitcase Belt TSA Approved
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BlueCosto Red TSA Approved Lock Luggage Straps Check on Amazon
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Neck Pillow

When you are boarding a long flight, you should be careful that you take enough rest during the flight. You need to rest properly if you don’t want yourself to be utterly tired after the flight. Most passengers are travelling through economy class and hence they are not fully comfortable while resting.

On top of that, a lot of people complain about neck-ache after a recent flight. Your neck should be straight and levelled while sleeping for lengthy hours, hence taking a pillow with you is a must. You are bound to have a comfy and cosy sleep during a flight so that you don’t wake up to several agonies.

Here are our top picks for neck pillows:

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MLVOC Travel Pillow Check on Amazon
Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow Check on Amazon
Phixnozar Memory Foam Travel Pillow Check on Amazon
Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow for Neck Check on Amazon
Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow Check on Amazon

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