How to weigh luggage without a scale? 3 Easy Ways

Before planning your adventurous trip to any famous and significant place in the world, tell me that have you weighed your luggage? But why would somebody do that? Right, isn’t it?

Then listen, dear homie, you have to weigh your luggage before reaching the Airport to save yourself from a horrible flight experience.

This is because many airlines have set a specific weight limit of 50 to 40 pounds for your checked-in and carry-on luggage, respectively. If you bring more weight than a certain limit imposed by a particular airline, you might have to pay some extra charges, and this part, I hate the most. You can use this money for something else, right?

Nevertheless, if you do not have a perfect scale to weigh your luggage at your house, I am here to help you give some best ways that how to weigh luggage without a scale? There are several methods, including the scale and other than this, that you can try to weigh your luggage quickly.

So, take a chill pill, be my guest and have a cup of tea for yourself. Because today, in this post, we will together figure out how to weigh your luggage through different methods even without having a scale.

How to Weigh Luggage without a Scale?

how to weigh luggage without a scale

You don’t have any scale for calculating the weight of your luggage, right? And there might also be a situation where you cannot purchase one because you are in a hurry to the Airport. Otherwise, you may miss the flight.

But do not worry, you still have many ways of weighing your luggage at different spots or places even without paying any money. You have to step out of your house and use a bit of a polite attitude when asking other people as if they let you weigh your luggage at their establishments.

In this case, there might be many places around your house, and you can use any of these to weigh your luggage. So, let’s talk about each, one by one.

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Weigh your luggage at any nearby Gym:

Visiting a nearby gym is the first and easy way to weigh your luggage if you don’t have anything at your house to calculate the luggage weight. Just go to the gym in which you are already a member. Or even if you are not, try politely asking the gym keeper if you can use their weight measuring machine to calculate your luggage weight?

This is because, at the gym, people usually use weight-calculating machines to check their weight balances. And if you get permission, you can easily weigh your luggage. So, if it is above 50, you better know what to do, right, isn’t it?

Going to the nearby Post Office for calculating weight:

A post office is a suitable place to visit if you want to weigh your luggage without a scale. They use weight scaling instruments for calculating the importance of their shipment.

Therefore, you can easily calculate your luggage weight there. For this, use a mild tone and be decent while asking the post office officer to use their balancing machine to calculate your luggage weight.

I can make sure that he will let you do this.

What about the travel agency or travelling agent?

Many travelling agencies or agents provide weight measuring services to their customers. So, if you go and visit your chosen travelling agent or agency, you must bring your luggage with you. You can easily calculate it there, and he will let you know if there is an extra fee you might have to pay or are you good to go?

Do not forget to visit a nearby grocery store or supermarket:

Your nearer and Towny grocery store always has a weight calculating machine. This is obvious. So why are you still waiting? Just go and ask the storekeeper if you can use their device to calculate the weight of your luggage? He will undoubtedly permit you to do so. Therefore, you can use this opportunity for free.

The hotel you are living in has the weight calculating facility:

Did you figure out that the hotel where you live has the facility to measure passengers’ or customers’ luggage weight? Well, if you haven’t made an effort yet, you should. This is because many hotels offer their customers a free weight calculating facility.

And if you do not have any scale to calculate your weight, just go to the hotel reception desk and ask the person if they can avail you with this facility. They usually have small scales for calculating the customer’s luggage weight.

Finally, at the Airport:

However, if you find nothing from the above ones to calculate the weight of your luggage, your final destination is going to be the Airport. It would be best if you reached the Airport before a certain and enough time your flight will take off.

This is because you can easily calculate the weight of your luggage at the luggage estimating systems provided by the Airport. Some of them will charge you a small fee for calculating the bags, and most of them will offer you this service for free.

Since you made an excellent effort to reach the Airport at a pretty good time before your flight takes off, and if your luggage weighs more than the described limit, you can try several things to minimize it that I will tell you later in this post.

How do you weigh your luggage at home?

Now, you have read about several free or low fee-paying ways for calculating your luggage. You can try any of the above methods for calculating the weight of your luggage, and nobody will mind. But if you want to do it at your house, there are some other possible and easy ways to calculate the luggage weight that you can try.

First Method—Calculating the weight with Luggage scale:

What if I tell you the most accessible and easiest way of calculating the weight of your luggage? This would be a beneficial and much-appreciated thing for you to know or have knowledge about. I can believe that. In this case, you can use a calculating luggage scale for calculating the weight of your luggage.

Now, you might be thinking, where will I get it? How much will it cost? Will it be worth It? The answers to these questions are straightforward. First, you can easily have a luggage scale from any nearby superstore in your town, or you can order online from amazon.

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The second thing is, you seriously don’t need to worry about the money because it will not cost you much. You can easily have a luggage scale for 10 to 20 bucks, and nothing more economical than this.

Plus, yes, it will be completely worth the money and effort you have put into getting it. However, if it is difficult for you to make an easy decision about what luggage calculator you should get, you can pick anyone from the below-given language scales.

These are highly recommended and widely chosen by many customers and will give you an accurate measurement of your luggage.

Now, tell me that you already have got a luggage scale and are ready to weigh the weight of your luggage. Aren’t you? Of course, you do. Therefore, let’s start measuring the weight of your luggage with a luggage scale.

Turn on the luggage scale—First of all, turn the luggage scale on.

Hold the luggage scale at the right place—Take the luggage scale and hold it in one hand. You can also pick it in two hands if you think you will not keep your luggage with one hand while attaching it with the luggage scale.

Attach your luggage with the hock of the luggage scale—The next thing to do is attach your luggage with the luggage scale hock that you will see at the bottom side of the scale.

Keep holding until the accurate reading—As I told you before, if you find the weight of the luggage a little heavy, you can have it in both hands.

Now, once you have attached the luggage with the scale, keep holding it for a little while until the scale gives you an accurate reading or numbers of the baggage you have got.

This will quickly let you know how much your luggage weighs, so you can simply deal with it by just being at your house.

It means calculating the luggage weight with a luggage scale is the easiest method you have ever used, or you will ever find it for perfect and precise accuracy.

Second Method—Weighing the weight of your luggage with a bathroom scale:

Are you a health-conscious person? Because if you seriously are, you might have a bathroom scale for calculating your scale frequently. Right, isn’t it? Oh, there you find it. So, if you have it, you are one step away from calculating the weight of your luggage by just being at home.

In this case, follow the below-given steps to weigh your luggage with the help of a bathroom scale.

Bring your bathroom scale to a spacious and open place—Firstly, pick the bathroom scale from your bathroom and bring it to the living area, on a floor, or any other suitable establishment inside your house where you find it easy for yourself to measure the weight of your luggage.

Turn the scale on and calculate your weight first—After placing it at the right place inside your house, you need to turn it on. Then go over it and calculate your weight at first. Take a piece of paper and note down the reading of your weight.

Calculate the weight of your luggage—After weighing yourself, it is time to weigh your luggage. Therefore, hold your luggage in both or one hand and go over the bathroom scale once again. Again, note down the new measurement, and this time it will be your plus your luggage weight reading both together.

Calculating the actual weight—Remember your self-weight you have noted down? The next thing you are going to do is to calculate the actual weight of your luggage. For this, subtract the first reading. I mean your weight from the collective weight of your luggage.

You will have your answer of how much your luggage weighs exactly that can let you and make you decide several things to do.

The reason for calculating your luggage with yourself is because you cannot directly put the luggage on a small space of the bathroom scale. There is only space for putting your feet, and that is why you will have to hold your luggage in your hands to weigh or calculate it.

3rd Method—Making your luggage calculator:

Although there is no best way to calculate the weight of your luggage other than using a luggage scale itself, if you don’t even have a luggage scale, you still don’t need to worry about anything. Because you can make your own scale by just being at your house and easily calculating your luggage’s weight.

Therefore, let’s start creating a home-based luggage calculating system. It will be a little tricky, but I can make sure that you can do this, and you will do this. So, let’s have a look at the steps you are going to take.

Gathering your essentials:

It would help if you kept in your mind that you will make a weight measuring or calculating system on your own. Therefore, you would have to gather some equipment.

This list includes getting a wooden plank that must be strong and wide enough to bear and hold the weight of your luggage.

After you have found this, find something heavier that can be used to support the plank for making it like a see-saw. It will be your fulcrum that will give support to the whole weight measuring system.

Now, you must find anything inside your house that must be round in shape, and also, you will have to make sure that it is high enough to balance the wooden plank efficiently and accurately. Remember, the fulcrum is the thing on which you are going to put your plank.

Gather some household items that approximately weigh 50 lbs.:

The next thing that you need to do and you are going to do is to collect some household items that must approximately weigh 50 lbs.

You can collect some food boxes, a gallon of water with the approximate weight, or a packet of rice. Once you have collected 50 lbs. you can go for the following things.

Balancing the weight to find the actual weight of your luggage:

In this step, place the fulcrum at the centre or middle of the fulcrum. Put weight on both sides and try to balance them. It will be like, on one side, you will have your 50 lbs. collection of home items. And on the other side, you will have your luggage. Take any necessary help from your friend or any nearby person if you need it while balancing the weight.

Finding the luggage weight:

Now, once you have placed weight on both sides, you will have to wait until the plank reaches an equilibrium condition. It will reveal that both sides of the plank have equal weight. It means your luggage will weigh only 50 pounds according to this method.

However, if the side goes up to where you have placed your luggage, it means your luggage is below 50 pounds. But if the luggage side goes down, then it means your luggage is more than the weight of 50 pounds. You will have to take care of it in this case.

So, you saw how you could make your weight calculating instrument by collecting some simple equipment inside your house and easily calculating your luggage’s weight.

How do you know the different weight limits set by various airlines and their excessive fee?

different weight limits set by various airlines

There are many ways to have detailed information about different airlines’ weight limits and their overweight fee-charging methods. Otherwise, you can also know what it will charge you if you go above a certain weight limit described by a particular airline.

For this, the very first thing you can do is to search the airline you are going to travel by. You will find all the details about your luggage, its overweighting fee charges and much more.

Besides this, you can also check for a particular airline, its overweight fee charges, and other things from the Airline Baggage fee. Com or SeatGuru. These two websites are best in giving you detailed information about your flight’s described weight limit and their overcharging fee.

How to manage weight inside your luggage?

If you find yourself in an overweighting luggage problem, you can try several things to tackle this type of problem. Therefore, here are some things you can try to pack your backpack or luggage in an efficient way or manner.

Try to buy a lightweight bag or backpack—To decrease your luggage, you should have bags that must be lightweight and easy to carry. If you do that, you will have the chance to carry low luggage or weight with you.

Bringing more than one bag—Instead of backpacking your luggage in only one suitcase, you must bring two different sized bags or backpacks. Some airlines charge you less for having more loads with a low luggage limit than having only one bag with extra weight.

Carry your external stuff with yourself—If you got a jacket, coat, or electronic equipment like your laptop, tablet, and other stuff, you could carry them with you instead of putting them inside the luggage bags. Therefore, you should bring your coat in your hands, and your electronic equipment must be inside your backpack. This will save you from overcharging fee worries and other hassles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if my luggage weight is above the described limit?

You can bring another backpack to divide the weight into two backpacks or bags, else you can use a lightweight luggage bag and best of all, if you find yourself in this kind of situation before just leaving your house, you can leave the unwanted or unnecessary items at your house.

How much 50-pound weight is in kilograms exactly?

It weighs 23 to 24 kilograms precisely if you want to have 50 pounds in KGs. You can use any machine that calculates weight in kilograms and can easily measure the weight of your luggage. If it is more than 24Kgs, you will have to consider removing the things.

What is the difference between checked luggage and carry-on luggage?

The luggage containing your heavy-weight items like clothes, jackets, jeans, etc., is mainly called checked luggage. And the other, which includes your passport, IDs, electronic equipment, and other things, are called carry-on luggage.

Is the weight limit the same for carry-on and checked luggage?

No, of course not. The weight limit for carry-on luggage is less than the checked luggage set by different airlines. Like if the luggage limit is 50 pounds of checked luggage, the weight limit for carry-on luggage would be mostly 40 pounds.

Final thoughts

I hope you learned a lot about how to weigh luggage without a scale? There are several methods to weigh your luggage even without having a scale, as you can check it at different spots nearby your house or establishments. Moreover, you can deal with it efficiently if you find it above the limits.

So, this was all for today. Please! Let me know if you have more queries to ask and information to add. I would love to reply to your comments. In the end, take care of yourself as much as you can. Stay happy, and may the blessings be on your way.

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