How To Track Your Luggage From The Plane?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your luggage has gone missing, and you didn’t see it on the track with other people’s luggage bags? Or, while grabbing your seat, you might be worried to think about, “Did your luggage make it to the flight?” Yes, you do. Because even in this era of the latest technology, this happens every day with many of us.

But do not worry about anything because today, in this brief post, we will let you know how to track your luggage from the Plane through different methods.

Most of the time, the luggage which gets lost is the result of missing the Plane altogether, having the short connection of times between flights or bags getting directed between different flights. Another reason could be the misplaced flight or address information while labeling your luggage inside and outside the planes.

However, it’s pretty easy to track your luggage if you are unsure about it or did not make it to the next airport. So, sit tight, have a cup of tea, and let’s find your lost luggage.

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How to Track your Luggage from the Plane with different ways?

How to Track your Luggage from the Plane

It seems like you already have lost your luggage as it didn’t arrive at the baggage carousel. This seems to be a pretty tough and worrisome situation at that time. But despite all the worries and ignoring them, you can try different methods to track your luggage at the airport. Therefore, let’s have a look at all of them one by one.

Step 1—Review the rules and regulations about luggage dealings of a particular airline:

You should first check the rules and regulations being described by a particular airline or at any airport.

Get detailed information about checking and collecting baggage at connections if you have changed traveling internationally and don’t know the exact rules for handling luggage. Make sure you have not missed anything your particular airline has mentioned so that you can follow it.

Step 2—Filing a Missing Luggage Report at the airport:

If your luggage didn’t arrive and you didn’t get it anyway, the first thing you should try is to file a missing luggage report at the airport. You can do the following things to file a report:

Visit the customer representative counter–go to the customer representative counter, luggage office, or window and tell the person sitting there that you have lost your luggage. You can ask about it from anyone at the airport.

This is because some airports deal with luggage on their own and some give this opportunity to a third-party company.

That is why you would have to find the exact location. If you have found this, you can file this report at the ticketing window or when you have reached inside the gate.

Describe how your luggage bags look—Now, that person at the counter will ask you what your bag or bags look like? You’re going to give her or him a complete description of your luggage and when you saw it last time. It will be like what color type of your luggage is?

What are the special features of luggage you can mention and you have remembered in your mind? Was it with wheels or not? And some other in your mind, whatever you want to tell. It will give the airline a general idea about your luggage, and they will follow your directions to find it.

You can also show a picture of your luggage to the person if you have one.

Let the person do his job—With these details, that officer will help you find your luggage at the airport. In most cases, it can easily be found at the airport and doesn’t go anywhere. However, the next step comes when you can’t find your bags or backpacks at the airport.

Filing a claim to your luggage with the airline attendant—If you and the representative customer officer couldn’t find your luggage from within the airport, you can go for filing a claim. They will give you a form that you will have to complete with necessary and required information about you and your luggage.

Please fill the form with your name, passport ID, residential address, email, phone number, flight detail, luggage description, or any other details that they have asked you to put through the form. You can also claim and fill this form online.

Did you receive a call from the airport?
When you file a lost and found complaint at the airport, you have to wait for a little while until the airport luggage management authority calls you. This is because your luggage might not make it to the airport, or somebody unknowingly grabbed it.

When they detect it, they will call you. It takes almost up to 10 to 12 hours to find your luggage at the airport-by-airport authorities.

What to do if it's more than 12 hours?
There might be a situation that your luggage may go missing for like above 12 hours in some cases. Then what can you do at that time? The answer is simple.

You can file a fee rebate for your luggage. This is because most airlines offer this opportunity to file a bag-free rebate claim if it’s their fault and it’s getting too late for them to find your luggage.

It will be in an electronic voucher form that usually covers up to 20 to 30 bucks. You can ask the flight attendant to fill a bag fee rebate for you; you can do this online. But don’t worry, you will have your luggage at your house after a couple of hours.

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Step 3—Tracking your luggage through the airline website:

Tracking your luggage through the airline website
Image by Fortune

The second most appraising and easy-to-follow method is using the airline website you have traveled with to track your luggage. For this, you just have to go to the website of the airline, then go to the tracked baggage page, and follow the procedure described below.

It is very simple and easy to do if you want to track it by just sitting inside your house.

Create your account and log in to the website—Suppose you are traveling with American Airlines and you have lost your luggage, or you didn’t receive it. Just visit the website of American Airlines, open a login, or create an account page. Enter your details and create an account for you.

Now go to the baggage section of the website and click on Tracked Checked Baggage option. This will open another page for you asking you to put the details of your luggage.

Fill in the details of your luggage—Now, on that newly appeared page, enter your name, luggage reference number, flight information, or any description they have asked you to enter. This checked bag status will require you to put your 8 to 10 digits bag reference code. You need to put it and then press Enter.

Check the specific type of folder—Once you have entered this information, check the folder given to you by your flight attendant. If your baggage is tracked, you will have the information here.

Revealing your bag—After filling in the information at the website, you will have the location of your bag in no time. It will reveal to you the location of your luggage as whether it is in the baggage claim or at any other location. It might also be at any other airport waiting for the departure of shipment.

However, if it gives you the sign that your luggage is lost, you can contact the relative airline and inquire about them in this regard.

Step 4—Using the latest technology to track your luggage at the airport:

Using the latest technology to track your luggage at the airport

Despite being formal, you can try several different methods to have an eye on your luggage at the airport. Some of the highly recommended ones are given as follows.

Buying a unique Suitcase or bag/backpack—If you want to have a quick and easy eye on your luggage, you should buy a unique bag or backpack in a unique color.

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Buy some showy color like red or blue that must be easy to recognize at the airport. If you have a bag or backpack in color different from others, you can easily see it on the baggage carousel arriving towards you. Then you can pick it up.

Add an additional tag for locating your luggage easily—Get another tag or card or a chain to bind it with your bag or backpack. Write your contact number, address, and name on it. Once you have it with your bag, even if it is misplaced or grabbed by another person, you can easily find it.

Also, the flight attendant will be happier to know that. Plus, it will be easier to find inside the luggage claim department. This will help you more in revealing your worries.

Using the latest technology as a Bluetooth or wireless tracker to track your bag—There are many GPS or Bluetooth devices available out there. In these, some of them can also be connected to your smartphone for easy accessibility.

For having such a device, you can search for any online store such as amazon. It will be easier to buy as it will not cost you much. However, to make an easy and quick decision, consider buying Tile mate. This is one of the greatest Bluetooth and wireless tracking devices you can easily have.

Just turn it on, put it inside your luggage. However, most of these devices have a serial number, and when somebody finds your luggage, you will get to know that you can get your luggage from a certain location.

Download the app—Most devices ask you to download the related app of the device. Once you have downloaded it, you can connect it with the device, and it will start showing you the location of your luggage. So, when it gets misplaced or lost somewhere, you can easily track it through the app.

The final thing to note down—In many cases, you will receive a notification, call, or message related to your luggage that your luggage has been found. This will also show you the location of your backpack, and then you can receive it.

Moreover, some luggage tracking options also include Pocket Finer, Trakdot, or LugLoc. This is going to be an easier and user-friendly way of having complete detail of your lost luggage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to have a GPS device inside my luggage?

This is truly the latest and easiest way of tracking your luggage at the airport. You can easily have a Bluetooth or GPS tracking device, turn it on, and connect it with your smartphone. Then you can track it anywhere, even on the Plane or at the airport.

What to do if you aren’t able to find your luggage in any case?

Of course, claim. You will file a claim in case the airport authorities aren’t able to find your luggage. They will give you another form to fill out and ask you to put the details of your luggage, like what was inside the bags and how much it was worth?

After some simple questions and investigations, you will have your money against the luggage you have lost.

What are the most chances that could happen to make your luggage disappear at the airport?

Several causes can happen if you don’t see your luggage at the next airport when you arrive there. Some of the frequent ones are listed below.

  • It might be misplaced due to wrong information
  • You may don’t know all the rules and regulations of a particular airport
  • A person might grab your luggage unknowingly
  • It might be checked and grasped by customs authorities due to any security issues
  • Or it may be delayed as they can place it on another flight

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have completely understood How to Track Your Luggage from the Plane with the information provided here. There are several methods you can try to find your luggage at the airport. The procedure is very simple and easy to follow if you know the basic things and how to deal with them. Therefore, we hope that you will have no worries regarding this.

However, if you have more queries to ask or information to add, you can let us know through the comments. In the end, take great care of yourself, stay home, stay safe. May you find peace in whatever you are supposed to do in your life!

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