How To Put A Zipper Back On Bag | Step By Step

What if you are in a hurry to go somewhere and while backpacking your things you find that your bag’s zipper got stuck or slipped away. Then what will you do?

Or you might have a bag that creates difficulties for you while zipping it up because the zipper slider got slung, break, or not matching its teeth.

Well, if these are the problems or some others too regarding your backpack or bag zipper then don’t worry because you are on the right search for how to put a zipper back on bag of yours.

You’ll find the answer to every question just right here in this blog because I have brought some practical and comprehensive information about it.

So, let’s begin. 

Things You Need To Know About Zippers

How To Put A Zipper Back On BagThese days, every gear which can keep your things on your journeys, outing or even in the house like purses, bags, luggage carrying bags, tents, hiking camps, jeans, dresses, jackets, and even shoes are coming with zippers.

Because they are easy to close and take less time making you ready on your way. But due to the long-time use, everyday usage, or putting out-of-capacity cloths or things in your bag or backpack, cause its zipper difficult to close and get slung making that useful bag or backpack un-useful.

So, what you need to do in that case? Surely you don’t need to go for a new bag or backpack as there is a complete guide for replacing it and you can do it easily on your own without any hard and fast rules or knowledge.

Therefore, bring your bag just in front of you and keep reading with me, as we both will turn that disturbed bag zippers of your bag into a completely new and again usable one. 

How to put a zipper back on bag if it is completely fell off

This problem occurs most of the time with your bag or backpack. It happens when you try to close your bag’s zipper forcefully or in a hurry. The zipper pull comes off completely from its way and you have it in your hand. This is just because the zipper endings have lost their thread and sewing from its point and now, they are open.

So, your zipper doesn’t stay over its track anymore because there are no barriers to stop it. To fix this, you have to do the following things step by step:

  • First of all, take the zipper slider or that zipper pull that is now in your hands.
  • Locate the ‘Y’ shape and try to wear one side of the zipper over it, facing it out.
  • Now, try wearing the zipper pull over the other side of the ‘Y’ shape.
  • When your zipper pull is on the track again or over the slider, make sure that it is closing your bag. 
  • If it is closing the bag and surely it will as you are using the same zipper pull which went out
  • Since it is working, now put a little pressure over the closing ends of the ‘Y’ shape and strip them up with glue or take a needle with thread and sew them. 
  • This will close the way and your zipper will start working fine. Moreover, you won’t have to go for a new zipper or a new bag. 

How to put a zipper back on a track in case it zipper’s pull is not working, break, or got slung

Sometimes your bag’s zipper pull gets slung or stuck on your bag’s zipper or slider and doesn’t make any further move. There might also be a situation when one or more than one zipper’s teeth get broken or move away from the zipper path. This causes the zipper slider to move over the zipper. You try harder to zip your bag but nothing works out.

So, what will be a quick method for making through this particular difficulty? Well, here it is.

But for doing so, you have to have the following things:

  • A needle and a thread (best if it is in the same color as your bag) or two iron stoppers
  • A pair of Pliers.
  • A new zipper pulls in case the previous one was made up of plastic or completely get broken.

Now follow these simple steps to make it again useful and working without spending too much money over going for a new one. 

  • Since the zipper pull got stuck, make sure that the zipper’s stopper or its sewing has been removed and the way is open for the zipper pull to come off from the way.
  • However, if it is not, remove the iron stoppers with the help of pliers.
  • Once you remove them, now try slowly to remove the zipper pull and you’ll see that it gets totally out of its shape or no use now. But if it is again useable, you can try again putting it on the zipper.
  • After this, you can adjust the zipper pull with the help of pliers only in the case if it is made up of iron. However, if it doesn’t get fixed, or gets more damaged, try finding a new one of the same size and shape. You can find it from your old jacket or can also buy it online or from any nearby store.
  • Now, try to put your repaired or new zipper pull over the zipper in the same way as we did above, like locating the ‘Y’ shape and then wearing it on the zipper. This may take some time.
  • Again, use the iron stoppers and put them at their place with the help of pliers if the replaced zipper pull is working fine. Once it gets done, you’ll see that your zipper and zipper pull is working more than fine. 
  • Also, you can do another thing, which is removing some of the zipper’s teeth. In this case, try removing at least 4 or 5 teeth of the zipper from both sides, and once you’ve done it, put the zipper slider over the zipper again and sew the remaining fabric section with the help of a needle and thread. 

Related FAQs

How to put a zipper back on the jacket?

If the zipper falls off from your jacket, get to the top of it, take the ‘Y’ shape upward of the slider, and put it on the zipper from on top end. You’ll see it will be easily back on its track. However, the video will help you in this regard. 

How to fix a zipper that separates?

There are two ways, either you can replace the whole zipper slider by giving a cut anywhere or you can sew a new complete zipper. But a new and totally different way is to replace the zipper slider with a Fixnzip slider. They are easy to replace and easy to detach without causing any harm to the fabric or zipper. 

How to put a zipper back on jeans?

The simple and easy method to follow for doing so is given briefly in this very short video. Watch it till the end and you’ll get to know everything. 

Final Saying

I hope that after reading the above information you’ve got that there is no rocket science in finding how to put a zipper back on a bag. Just follow some simple steps and you will get it done. And I do hope that you’ve liked my article.

However, if there are any queries or you want to suggest or add something, feel free to reach me out through the comments. In the end, take care and see you soon with another great idea.

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