How To Make Secret Pocket In Your Backpack? Step By Step

As the world is changing, so it has blessed us with many necessities. Like, look at your backpack as it is one of them. Isn’t your best companion on all your journeys?

How To Make Secret Pocket In Your BackpackYes of course it is, as you can bring your laptop, your favorite gadgets, your clothes, and some other stuff in it when you are on the go or planning for some kind of trip. A backpack is always the best tool to gather and keep all your important things in one place and always be with you whenever you need it. But did you ever think to hide some things in your backpack that might be too important to you?

Or do you miss any kind of secret pocket to keep some top secrets so that others won’t be able to touch or see them? Well, if your backpack has that secret apartment or pocket, then you are already enjoying it. However, if it doesn’t have any then let’s find out how to make secret pocket in your backpack. And, I know that you are also in search of the same query.

So, as you are, then you are welcome to this blog post. Today, I will tell you how you can make a secret pocket or compartment inside your backpack. The procedure is so simple and easy to follow as described in this brief guide. 

So, bring your backpack, and let’s get to work. 

How To Make Secret Pocket In Your Backpack?

The best option to have a secret pocket in your backpack is getting a backpack with some extra pockets. There might also be some hidden pockets inside it that you don’t know, so you need to find them. However, if you don’t get any for keeping your valuables secret, then you can create one for yourself. There is a very easy, simple to do, and mostly applied method given for having a secret pocket inside your backpack. The method is as follows. 

  • Sewing a secret pocket inside your backpack 

So, let’s have a look at this simpler method.

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Sewing A Secret Pocket Inside Your Backpack:

This method is a little handy job and you may require some basic sewing knowledge so that you can efficiently sew a new secret pocket inside your backpack. However, if you don’t wanna go for this one, you can try the clipping method or use some pins. But this one always turns out better and provides great versatility. 

Things that you'll be needed
  • A Sewing pin for sewing the fabric inside your backpack 
  • A matching thread for sewing the fabric 
  • A piece of fine and matching color fabric same as with your backpack
  • Using Duct tape for cleaning up the lines
  • A pair of scissors for cutting the exact piece of fabric
  • Measuring tape for measuring the cloth that you wanna use for creating a secret pocket 

However, if you don’t wanna use sewing needles, you can use pins too for attaching them inside your backpack. 


  • Specifying the place–First of all, turn your backpack inside out. Choose a place where you wanna create a new secret pocket inside it. It must be that place where only you will be able to reach right? I know you might wanna create it hidden somewhere. 
  • Using Measuring tape–Now take the fabric and measure it according to your desire with the help of a measuring tape. But as far as you are going to create a pocket, so the piece of fabric must be of the same size as any regular pocket. 
  • Using the Fabric—it’s time to take a fabric that must match with the color of the cloth of your backpack. While measuring it, take a little bit more amount of fabric from the corners as it will help you in sewing it easily. But you can cut down the extra edges with the help of scissors after sewing it.
  • Needle and Thread–After this, place the fabric at your chosen place. Hold it there, or pin it with some pins as it must be strictly attached to its place. Now use a needle and put a thread into it. You might face difficulty while putting thread into the smaller hole of the pocket but I know that you can do this. Don’t you? But the thread must also be of the same color as your backpack or chosen fabric.
  • Sewing–Once you have done it, start sewing the pocket from one corner. Although in this process, you may stab yourself more than once, believe me, there won’t be too much blood. But you must take care of yourself, buddy. Keep sewing it and sew its 3 sides, left one side open so you can use it as your secret pocket for getting and placing things into it. Plus keep in mind which side of the fabric will be way up as you have to flip the backpack while sewing it. 
  • Using the Duct Tape–Now it is the turn of duct tape. But before using it, keep in mind that it must be of the same color as your fabric and backpack. Use the tape to clean up the job. Take a little amount of it and place it over the sewing sides, thread and edges. The sewing won’t be visible and you’ll have a completely hidden pocket inside your backpack. This will also make the secret pocket safe and secure.
Once you’ve done all this process, you are good to go. Now you can keep your secret stuff in this secret pocket and can go anywhere with your backpack.


Since you have known how to make secret pocket in your backpack so don’t use it for taking edibles to school or having items for smuggling. Ah, this was a joke as I know that you are a good person and won’t do something like that. So, learn this process of sewing, apply the technique, and have a brand-new secret compartment in your backpack.

With all this, if you have anything to ask, suggest or tell, hit me up through the comment section anytime. I am available 24/7. So, take care of yourself, keep exploring and keep finding new ideas as we will make sure that you have these ideas in practice. Good luck and see you soon.


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