How To Make Backpack Out Of Jeans – An Ultimate Guide

Do you have any idea what you’re gonna do with your old pre-loved jeans? Are you just gonna throw them away or do you have some other plans? Well, if you’ve not come up with an idea yet, then let’s use them and recycle them in a very beneficial and money-saving way.

How To Make Backpack Out Of JeansYes, you heard right because today, we will learn how to make backpack out of jeans and it seems like you are in search of the same thing, right? So, if you are, then come and join me, because this short piece of information has made many things easier even beyond your thinking.

The thing is, you spend many bucks buying expensive denim jeans and denim is something that might get boring to your eyes but it never loses its durability, no matter what. You may have a lot of denim jeans and some of them are very old. Here, at this point, we all think of buying a new one and throwing these old ones away. But instead of doing this, let’s have a denim backpack out of these which will be much helpful and stylish to bring to school, college, university, or any other public places.

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So, gear up your tools, and let’s dive into this exercise. Moreover, I can assure you that at the end of this article, you’ll have a decent and good-looking backpack made out of jeans.

How many ways can you make a backpack out of jeans?

As you are gonna do this only by yourself at home, so you should know that there are two ways of making a backpack out of old jeans. This requires some basic knowledge and you can finish the job without any hesitation. Both methods are given as follows.

Making a backpack by sewing:

This method requires knowledge about using a sewing machine. You’ll need thread and other things that apply in the sewing process. If you have this, you can sew some stylish bags by just being at your home.

Making a backpack with glue or pins:

This includes using glue or pins and fewer steps than using a sewing machine. If you don’t wanna go for the first method and the hard work required in sewing, you can make a good backpack out of jeans by this method. However, it will take a little bit more time.

Things that you’ll need for learning how to make backpack out of old jeans:

Here is a complete list of things that you’ll require for having a fully functional and complete backpack by both methods as by sewing and without sewing.

Piece of denim fabric—Surely you are gonna get this from your old jeans.

Some webbing adjusters— Small buckles require infinite adjustment of your backpack and holding it on your backside.

Two pieces of long straps—Require for giving backpack support to your bag. The maximum length should be 40 to 48 centimeters.

Zipper and zipper foot for your bag—Zipper should be at least 45CM long and the zipper foot will be coming with your sewing machine.

Little more contrasting fabric—This is just for the people who want an aesthetic look to their backpack.

Adding more,

  • Iron
  • A marking pen
  • Contrasting thread
  • A pressing iron
  • A box of matches,
  • A lighter or anything that might bring the heat
  • A pair of scissors
  • Pins
  • A ruler
  • A sewing machine.
  • Cutting board
  • A seam ripper

If you’ve got these things, let’s begin to find how to make backpack out of old jeans with a step-by-step process.

But before going for the actual making process, just remember to keep the jeans cut cloth pressed/ironed for easy sewing, use seam ripper instead of haphazardly removing seams that look absurd. Use a pen to mark your desired midpoints while cutting jeans, and be sure about the size in which you want your backpack. Our measurement for the backpack is for a regular one so, if they seem a little less, you can increase them according to your own preferences.

How to make backpack out of jeans – step by step process

This process includes some tricky work about cutting clothes from old jeans using a marking pen and ruler and sewing them to get a complete backpack. This means you will have to keep patience and follow the procedure as I am going to explain. Moreover, if you don’t know how to use a sewing machine, or cut your old jeans, gather your things and visit a nearby tailor. He will do the job for a few bucks.

Make front and back sides—Take your old jeans and cut your backpack back and front sides with the help of scissors by placing them on the cutting board. Measure the size of 43.5 by 10 cm by ruler and use scissors to make sharp curves at the bottom and top of both cut pieces. This will give these pieces a backpack shape.

Make some pockets at the front—Cut 18 by 18 Cm of contrasting fabric to make the front pocket of your backpack. You can use any color according to your choice. Take the bottom and cut it in a curve shape to give it the shape of the pocket. Now fold at least 0.5 cm of its all sides except the top one, and sew it right there. Keep the top side un-sewed.

Make sides of your backpack—Now it’s time to cut the sides from the jeans fabric to wrap the back and front sides of your backpack with these to give it a complete shape. Cut three sides of 43 by 9.5 cm and sew two of them on the right and left sides of your backpack.

Make a zipper and sew it—Take the third side that you just have cut down in the previous step, and cut it again from the center with equal size on both sides by scissors. Now turn your sewing machine to the zipper foot, take a zipper and sew both sides of your cut cloth with it, this will give you a zipper to add to your backpack. Once you’ve done this, take the zipper and sew it with the other sides of the backpack.

Add the front side—Until the previous step, you’ve got a complete loop. Here comes a time to add the front side of your backpack. Choose the right side, take the loop and sew it with the front side of your backpack. Congrats, if you’ve reached this point. Now, it’s a little bit more ahead to finish.

Add a handle loop—Use any extra cloth available to cut two triangle-shaped pieces of clothes. The measurement is according to your own choice. Sew these rectangles along the shorter ends, open the seam and this time sew the right sides together lengthwise. Now get out its right side by using a pin and some tugging. Fold the sides so that they meet at one point and sew them with the front side of your backpack.

Make webbing adjusters and strap inserts—Again cut two rectangular pieces of cloth and make two exact rectangles for sewing straps with them. Once you have done with this part, take the webbing adjusters and sew them at the backside of your backpack. Buckle your straps up with the webbing adjusters. Moreover, you can also add some inner pockets to your backpack.

Adding front detail and final touching—Remember that part of the swing the front side of the backpack with the backside? Yes, you do. I need to tell you that you can do this even in the end when you have added straps and a handle loop with the backside and pockets with the front side.

Once you have assembled these things, use pins to arrange everything in a backpack from then use your sewing machine to sew each and everything. When you are done with the sewing process, you’ll have a backpack that can be used anywhere.

However, for giving it a little bit more stylish look, you can add some stickers or rubber pads to its front side so that it may look professional. All set and done.

How to make a backpack without sewing?

If you don’t wanna go for this lengthy sewing process, you can use glue, a pair of scissors, and pins for making a DIY denim backpack out of old jeans. The process is simple and the same as all that you have done with a sewing machine. Here you will have to do this by using glue. Use glue at every step and let it dry for a little time. This requires patience, however, it’s easier than the sewing process.

Final saying

I hope that this article might help you in finding how to make backpack out of jeans. You saw how you can bless the earth by not creating a lot of recyclable materials. The fabric from old denim jeans can be used to make some professional backpacks as you’ve already made one of them.

So, I wish you congratulations because you have used your old denim jeans in a very good and worthier way. Have your backpack, put edibles, books, laptop, or anything you want and explore the world. Also, don’t forget to tell your friends.

Hence, this was it for today, if you have any queries or want to add something, please feel free to leave a comment. Instead of this, take care of yourself and we shall meet soon with another great idea. Have a nice day.


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