How To Attach Backpack To Rolling Suitcase? A Complete Guide

Ready to go on a trip? Well, there can be a lot of queries in your mind regarding managing your luggage, but if the most specific one or you are looking for a solution to how to attach backpack to rolling suitcase then you don’t need to be worried. Because your luggage and backpack will definitely go with you and you will also be able to take a sigh of relief. So, make a quick hurry, pack your things, get ready for your journey and leave the rest to us as we have brought a complete solution in this guide.

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When Do You Feel Like You Need To Attach Your Backpack To Your Rolling Suitcase? 

How To Attach Backpack To Rolling SuitcaseThe most important thing that a person or someone like you, can do, before going on a journey is to pack his luggage. Right? But sometimes it becomes bulk in quantity and doesn’t fit into a single suitcase or bag. As for this, you can handle it by omitting some unimportant things that are not worthier to be carried. However, maybe you have to carry two rolling bags as it depends on the type of traveling and situation.

Besides this, you might also have to bring your laptop or tablet, etc. in a separate backpack. But what will you do if your backpack becomes heavy and it’s difficult for you to drag your suitcase while having your backpack behind your back? Of course, if you face this difficulty then you’d probably be looking for how to attach a backpack to rolling suitcase. That’s why you need a complete and brief solution for it. So, hold on a little and you’ll definitely have it today.

What Difficulty You Might Face With Your Luggage? 

The situation is obvious in front of your eyes and you might face it every day. Imagine yourself or people at the airports or over long journeys that are facing this luggage carrying difficulties every day. And it’s even difficult for them to manage small things like they have to hold a boarding pass, ticket or passport in their teeth, mobile phone under their one-sided bowed face if there is someone on the call, and some women even carry their babies or drag baby’s trollies with the rolling suitcase and a backpack on the back.

Pretty messed up situation it could be actually. Isn’t it? And I don’t know about you but I don’t wanna face any of these. That’s why for helping us both, I have brought a complete step-by-step solution for attaching an additional backpack with your rolling suitcase. 

So, How To Attach Backpack To Rolling Suitcase?

Well, there are many recognized and most recommended methods that could easily make you do so. And you might also be known to some of them and maybe already using them. However, you will have to take a look at these methods that I am going to explain to you for attaching your backpack to your rolling suitcase whether you are already using any of these or you are completely a new person who is looking for this precise information. Let’s enlist them.

  • Attaching your backpack over your rolling suitcase
  • With the help of a luggage strap 
  • With the help of an Add on the strap 
  • Using suitcase body 
So, it’s time to explain each one of these, and I will also tell you the good sides and bad sides of using each method for attaching your additional bag, suitcase, or backpack with your rolling suitcase.

Attaching Your Backpack Over Your Rolling Suitcase:

As I said above that you might be using this method already or maybe heard of or seen using many people at the airports. So, how exactly it is carried out, and what are the things that could be on the good side or the bad side. Let’s find out.

  • First of all, make sure that you are already using a rolling suitcase with moveable wheels, and it is easy for you to grab it from the handle and simply drag it over the floor.
  • Now you can pull its handle and make it long, then you can simply place your backpack horizontally over its handle. Use straps for binding it if necessary, otherwise no need for that. I hope that you get it.

The good sides of this method:

  • Surely, you’ll easily be able to attach your backpack to your rolling suitcase.
  • Your back will be free. 
  • You can easily drag your suitcase with one hand and use another hand for using your mobile or whatever you like.

The bad sides of this method:

  • Your one arm will feel more stressed and there will be more load over it if the backpack is heavier.
  • The backpack weight will not be over suitcase wheels but will affect your arm by stretching as there will be a misbalance of weight.
  • You’ll feel tired when you’ll reach home and it will be difficult for you to get through the crowded spaces.

With the help of a luggage strap:

This method will require you to have a durable and heavy-duty luggage strap for fitting another bag with your suitcase. There are different types of luggage straps available in the market and you can get one according to your particular weight carrying demands. This will save your bag creating worries for you by toppling over the crowded airports. So, once you have it, you’ll have to do the following things step by step:

  • Make sure your rolling bag is sturdy and durable enough to bear the weight of an additional bag or backpack and can move easily with it. 
  • Now set your rolling bag in the upright position by pulling its handle. Bring the other bag that you want to attach with it, put it over the rolling suitcase and hold it against the handle for placing the strap.
  • Now take that strap that you have already bought and buckle up both bags with each other. Also, you need to put the heavyweight things at the bottom so that you won’t feel difficulties while attaching another bag and dragging it.
  • You’ll see that your both bags now have become a single bag to carry. All you will have to do is to drag it and reach your destination.

The Good sides of this method:

  • You’ll be worried free if the strap is strong and durable enough to hold both of the bags together.
  • The weight of the additionally added bag will be over wheels rather than over your arm.
  • It will be much easier to drag it and you can take it with you easily.

The bad sides of this method:

  • You’ll to pay money for buying an additional bag strap or you may have to buy a rolling suitcase with additional straps for attaching an additional bag with it.
  • If the strap is not sturdy enough and gets broken while journeying, you may lose one of your bags without knowing about it or you may have difficulties in traveling for one more time. 

With the help of an Add on strap:

If you want to attach more than one bag with your rolling suitcase, attaching them with the help of an Add strap would be a better idea. Like luggage strap, you can also get a durable and heavy-duty add-on strap from a local or an online bags store. Once you have it, the procedure is again simple and somewhat similar like I described above. So, let’s have a look. 

  • Set your bag according to the same upright position by pulling its handle.
  • Bring the additional bags that you want to place with your rolling suitcase. 
  • Now use an add-on strap and buckle up all those additional bags with your rolling suitcase. However, the procedure is simple that you have to place the heavier weight items at the bottom of your suitcase so that it could easily bear the weight of other bags attached with it and can move easily.
  • Once you have buckled your additional bags by using add on the strap, you are free to move anywhere by having all your bags together.

The Good sides of this method:

  • You can attach more than one bag with the help of an add on the strap.
  • All the weight of those additional bags will be over wheels.
  • You’ll be easy to move as you will not have any additional bags with you. But only a single one.

The bad sides of this method:

  • Like luggage strap, add on strap could also get broken and can cause you worries while traveling. 
  • You’ll have to drag additional load with you.

Using suitcase body:

Remember that method we used first? Well, let me remind you, that was using the handle to attach your backpack with your rolling suitcase. However, that was something like pushing pressure and stress on yourself. Moreover, buying a strap could cause you to spend some money, right?

So, what can you do if you do not want to use any of these methods? In that case, the simple and easy to follow is you can simply hang your backpack with your rolling suitcase. Hang it around the body of your suitcase and let it hang till down in front of the suitcase. This method is so short and simple and easy to follow. 

The good sides of this method:

  • You’ll be easily able to maneuver your rolling bag without worrying about falling off the smaller bag
  • You don’t need to buy additional straps
  • You’ll feel the load and stress-free 

The bad sides of this method:

  • The only bad side of this method is whenever you feel like your bag is gonna fall, you have to correct it and set it again to the exact place. Otherwise, no worries at all

Some other solutions:

Instead of applying these methods, if your pocket allows you then you can buy some matching luggage sets or attachable luggage carry ones. These are the complete solution to all the worries that you face with your luggage while being on a voyage. You can find them from an online store or maybe at the nearest local backpack store in your town. 

Related Frequently Asked Questions

How do you protect your backpack when checked luggage?

For doing this, put your small beloved backpack into your suitcase or duffel bag. Zip it up or if necessary, lock it up. Once you’ve reached your destination, you can unzip it and see your small beloved backpack. This is an easy and simple way to do so. 

How do you carry two rolling suitcases?

Well, the simpler is, to carry both of these with your both hands, like maneuver one by one hand and the other one by another hand. But you can also put one of them above the other or simply hang one of them with the other rolling suitcase. This might be the best way to carry both of these. 

What is AJ’s hook for luggage? 

This hook is specially designed for air traveling and managing your luggage bags over there. It is high quality, durable, and simple to use the thing. Any bag can be fitted with it by using the snap strap. It prevents bags from sliding and swinging that are placed side by side. 

What is a trolley sleeve on a backpack?

It helps you in managing your bag balanced while using checked wheel bags or carry-on bags. It slides over the luggage handle and makes it easier for you to carry your luggage. It provides security and protection to your arms as it makes carrying backpacks much easier.


I hope that after reading this blog post, now you are completely aware of how to attach backpack to rolling suitcase. Just follow these simple steps, use straps, hanging technique, or available matching luggage sets, and make your journeys more comfortable. In the end, if you have liked my article, if you have anything to suggest, or if you have any queries regarding anything like your rolling suitcase, backpack, or luggage issues, you can feel free to comment and reach me out anytime.

Because I am all here to listen and be responsible. So, see you soon with another solution to another problem. Until then, take care of yourself and have a happy journey.


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